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Active/passive particulate filter

Diesel Post-injection technology (MD System)

The MD-System's active regeneration is executed during operation mode of the vehicle with an engine external diesel injection. The system works reliably at low exhaust gas temperatures (200°C), and its function is supervised by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

To overcome the complex variables involved, the MD-System ECU executes the regeneration based on the measured soot load and exhaust gas temperature. It makes sure that the system is working properly.

Diesel Burner technology (MK-System)

The MK-System's active regeneration is executed by a powerful diesel burner, which works independently from the exhaust gas temperature. Depending on the filter size, the regeneration takes between 5 and 45 minutes. The entire process is supervised by the ECU. The MK-System operates independently from the exhaust temperature and from the engine electronic control system.

To ensure the proper functioning of the filter, the easy to use Control Unit monitors the entire filtration and regeneration process. The Datalogger is a standard feature for this system.

With both systems the high-tech LPS-SiC ensures the removal of 99.9% of the harmful soot particles from the exhaust gases.

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