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Exchange particulate filters

Mobiele Roetfiltersysteem

The Mobile Particulate Filter is specially designed for the treatment of particulate emissions and fumes from machines which are operated indoors. The application is wide spread, from small engines and oil burners to truck and bus engines. The large surface of the filter element offers a filtration capacity of up to 50 hours at low engine loads.

Typical applications are trucks ticking over while being loaded or unloaded, vehicles in workshops, forklifts operated part times or small construction machines. Limited applicability is for permanent use at high loads with large engines. The biggest advantage of the filter system is the ease of adaptation. Just fit in the coupling device into the exhaust end, hang on the filter housing to a vehicles bracket and start the engine. For permanent installation fix the filter housing on the tailpipe with access to the filter element.

Once the filter is covered with soot the filter element can be removed from its housing, regenerated and reused. This is due to the high temperature resistance of the knitted ceramic fibre. Additionally it withstands mechanical stress from exhaust pulsation's or impacts. Last but not least no garbage is created compared to one-way paper filters.

Mobiele roetfilter

Mobiele roetfilter op een MAN vrachtwagen

UGET3 Roetfiltersysteem

UGET 3 is a dry particulate filter system capable of reducing at least 86% carbon particles emitted from the exhaust of a diesel engine (test performed by Graz University of Technology – TUG). The environmental advantages are obvious, enabling our customers to meet the very stringent regulations laid down by Government Health and Safety executives.

Very fine unburnt carbon particles are responsible for the typical black smoke emitted from a diesel engined exhaust. They are the main cause of many respiratory illnesses and also have a damaging effect on the environment. These negative effects are compounded when diesel vehicles are used in confined spaces or in close proximity to human beings (i.e. tunnels, mines, quarries or in factories and warehouses).

Based on the brand, type and typical usage of the vehicle, Topcats will advise you on the type of mobile particulate filter you require. Call +31 320 28 11 50 or send a email to info@topcats.nl for more information.

For more information, see the downloads on the right side of this page.

UGET3 Roetfiltersysteem

UGET3 Roetfiltersysteem op een vorkheftruck

Roetfilter toepassingen

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  • Transport en logistiek
  • Bouw en infrastructuur
  • Personenvervoer
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